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Many people have different reactions to a car accident.  At Bills Body Shop we want you to know how to stay safe and what your rights are when the unfortunate happens.  Call Bills at 662-756-2745 for more info.

First and foremost, safety

Move your vehicle out of traffic and turn on your flashers. Put out warning triangles or flare if you have them, and stand away at a safe distance.

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All of our work is covered by a LIFETIME WARRANTY for as long as you own the vehicle. Call 662-756-2745 today to get your FREE estimate.

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Make sure you and your passengers aren't hurt.  Even fender benders can cause injuries that aren't noticeable right away.  Double check yourself.

Call the authorities

It's important to call the police especially if there's extensive damage, an injury or a confrontational or irate driver. Ask for the officer's name, contact info and accident report number.

Exchange information

Obtain the name, address, phone number, drivers license number, plate number and insurance info from the driver or drivers involved in the accident.  

Record the scene

Take photos of the scene and of the damage.  Contact your insurer right away to file a report.

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Call us today at 662-756-2745 and chose an auto body repair expert with more than 75 years of experience.  We'll guide you through the next steps in getting your vehicle repaired quickly and safely.